My dear Ms Laney

My dearest Ms Laney –

You never told me your middle name was Kelorah! And, well – I suppose I never asked. I wish I had asked you sooner, because it appears we’re out of time for now.

Every time I saw you, I felt the full strength of your love. Your signature strong-hug/thump-on-the-back softened over the last few years, but I just thought it would be there for me forever. Sure, you probably hugged everyone like that, but you reserved an especially warm hug for me.

I was your favorite. You were mine.

We saw each other yearly, or was it every other year or every third year recently? I had so many opportunities to learn more about you and then those became fewer and farther as my life sped up and your life slowed down.

I spent so much time catching you up on my life and the latest comings and goings. I realize now that in doing so, I never got the full sense of yours. What do you do when you’re not reading that bible and listening to my exploits? What did you do when you were my age? What was life like for young Elaine Kelorah Mullins? What were my father’s flaws as a young man? What was your youth like? How did you raise such difficult children like my father? Like me. Where did you draw your strength from?

Despite your pain these last few years, you always managed to be strong and beautiful. Always with your smart earrings, always presentable and always ready.

I put off seeing you for so long that I missed our best window. Now we have to delay our next meeting a bit longer.

One month ago, you left us. You are heading to find a better and more peaceful place to share your love and warmth.

I love you. I miss you. See you soon.



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